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The Beginning To the End

 The Beginning To the End

  It has been 1 year and 8 months since Brad's knee surgery that turned his, well our lives totally around! After a simple meniscus repair, Brad was in the hospital for about 2 weeks with his leg swollen 2 1/2 times it's originally size. [This was due to a blood clot.]

  For the past 24 years he has worked as a carpenter to supplement our income as we have been associate pastors, evangelists and of course pastoring. The Lord has led us in ministerial realms where funds were not there to support us. 

Speaker for Veteran's Day Celebration Newton, IL
  Brad has been told by anyone he has done work for and with; that he is the hardest working man they have ever encountered. He was good at what he does and fit to the core. Brad worked and played hard his entire life. Unstoppable!  

  Yet, after this surgery his life did change. The pain through out his body increased, this brought great weakness to where he was not able to complete the work he use to do, in the amount of time he USE to accomplish it. 
One month shy now to 1 year ago (July 2011) is when this crazy road really came to view. Brad became not only weak and in pain but started having breathlessness. Even though he would rest it would not go away. He was rushed to the hospital with everyone believing he was showing all the signs of a heart-a-tack. But, according to all the tests ran in the 3 day stay at the hospital; all came back negative. 

  Weeks went by, his taste buds became affected and he is still not able to taste anything now. Headaches started as well, 24/7 never stopping. They would worsen monthly to a migraine level and taper back down to about a 6 level as his 'norm'. Nothing would or has eased this pain.

  By the time Fall came around he had not been able to work for months. He was rushed again to our nearby hospital who then sent him on to a larger facility. The cardiologist were just convinced he had a blockage. They performed a catheterization; and still yet it came back he was just fine.  

  He visited his Cardiologist who believed he discovered lymphoma and was convinced he had it. But, tests were ran and they did not seem to believe this was so. Then another test was ran on his brain where they did find a spot they believed was a hematoma. But,  more test were ran and it (thankfully) came back clear. They tested his kidneys and did pulmonary work on his lungs---still all came back fine. They ran a sleep apnea test and this came back clear as well. 

Served during the 'Cold War' in Germany/Czech. border.
 Then in November a friend felt strongly to send us to their Lyme Doctor in Zionsville, IN. By clinical diagnostics [clinical diagnosis:a diagnosis made on the basis of knowledge obtained by medical history and physical examination alone, without benefit of laboratory tests or x-ray films.- Yet, she had plenty of that from the prior months.] The doctor diagnosed Brad to have lymes and borrelia. 
Brad served in the black forest in Germany back in the 1980's quite possibly he was bit then, and likely didn't know this. More the half of lyme's patients who have this disease do not know when they have been bitten. She said quite possibly the surgery was a traumatic attack that brought the spirochetes (the bacteria from the the tick) out to surface from the lyme he may have gotten in the 1980's. [ ] Yet, he had been bitten by something but did not produce the typical bull's eye rash, yet it did leave a doozy of a mark and bothered him for quite sometime last year. We also did live in the wood's in mountainous North Carolina for almost 4 years in this past decade. We did live in Southern Illinois, and we hiked numerous times in the lovely parks they have down there. So, frankly---who knows!

   He was originally put on this regimen: 

CHLORELLA /  2 PROBIOTICS (pm) / SACCROMYEES BOULARDIGRAPESEEDcefidin MALADRONEzithromicineCholine Powder  / ARTEMSINnystatindiflucanamiitrictiline (for the insomnia--he cannot sleep most of the time).  
Some of these are taken 2 to 3 times a day. Honestly, I just may have Brad come back and edit for I cannot keep up with this. In Feb. he was placed on a PICC Line which has been proven to be successful in the majority of cases for lyme. ["i.v treatments"
At first his belly had a difficult time tolerating the medications with him throwing up on the average 4 times a day. They told him to try aloe vera juice which stopped the throwing up immediately. 

  Then, from the end of March to May; Brad had gained 30 lbs. of water. His cardiologist once again was convinced he had the hardening of the pericardium. He sent him to Chicago where the cardiologist there admitted him to the hospital. She was very concerned with his symptoms. Tests were ran, one was a right side catheterization. AGAIN...all came back fine. His heart rate is extremely high; laying down it's in the 80's, sitting goes up to 94 and standing over 100. 
They sent him home, not concerned with his water gain or heart rate. They took out his PICC line as well. 

  It has been 6 months so far since the treatments began. No improvements thus far. He is now in a wheel chair and is dealing with discouragement not getting better. 

6/18/12 Awake only 30 minutes today.
  Today he is concerning me; he has only been awake for a half an hour. In great pain in his chest and head. Only God! 

  He still preaches on Sundays and counsels people when called upon. We are believing for a healing and are witnessing God's provision as we have not had any income since the knee surgery. God is our hope, strength and supply!

  Are you suffering with this disease? Or are you just suffering and no one has made a diagnosis? Hang in there! Get in a good Body of Bible Believing Believers. You need to be surrounded with a lot of support. 

  Leave comments and let's support one another!

                                                               GIVE ME FAITH

   Brad's condition has NOT improved. He is still undergoing the antibiotic therapy. He has lost hearing in one ear now as well. 
  This weekend he was in the ER again with all the symptoms of a true heart-a-tack. But, with the blood work and EKG it all came back fine, though he felt awful and in great pain. 
  We keep hearing the antibiotic treatment is the 'way-to-go' and we have been faithful with it, including the herbs.
  Also, we are seeing a Doctor in Nutrition who has had him on a diet and all kinds of vitamins as well. This has been a month and improvement thus far. 
  Many still tell us to go to bigger and what they call better hospitals (we did go to Chicago where they told him he needed to see a psychiatrist). What will they tell us that we already don't know?
  We know we have a great doctor who is willing to counsel with other Lyme Physicians to help with Brad's condition. God has something, in the mean time we take one day at a time.
Up-Date On Brad Spring 2014:
The doctor said that the babesia is improving, but by no means stop taking the tinctures or it will try to rise up again. For example, his breath hunger has come back some as it has been gone for about a year. 
Brad's legs have been in excruciating pain the past six months. No across the counter med.'s have helped. Also, in the past two months one hand has gone numb and the other partially. 
He is seeing a Neurologist who is suspecting Lyme (without Brad telling her he has been diagnosed). Our Lyme Doctor suspects the Neurologist may prescribe:Gapapentin for his pain, of which has no adverse side affects and will not harm the antibiotics work. 
--Babesia is dwindling away. 
--Bartonella has risen up as it was masking itself until the past 6 months. 
-- It has been recommended to change medicines. 
                        I.E. : Ryfampin: (for the Bartonella) this is an antibiotic 
                                Minocycline: this is to enhance the two antibiotics strength for the Lyme & Bartonella
                                Clindamycin: for the Lyme and it too is a antibiotic.
                                                This will amount to 3200 mg a day.
                               Herbs/ Tinctures
                                Crystolepis: (mentioned before in this blog) for Babesia
                                Teasel Root: for Lyme, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrom
                                Japanese Knot-weed  
                                B12: Was suggested just regarding his leg pain. Yet ONLY through:  Vitacost Methyl B-12 Sublingual -- 5000 mcg - 60 Lozenges

   On a good note, he has NOT had a severe migraine in 2 months! First time in over 3 years as well as the heart pain. GLORY TO GOD! Two of the major battles he has faced greatly.
Yet, the doctor said do not stop the tinctures for they seem to be fighting the babesia causing these. 
  Also, she in encouraging him to not give up and to stay on the antibiotics as we are fighting an on going battle of bacterial that has it's own DNA.


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